Pre-lamination - 軟板(FPC)假貼

For protecting pattern or meet customer demanding then FPCBs will cover with insulating layer on pattern.  

The insulating layer is called “cover lay”.  

You need to stick the printed circuit with the pre-made cover lay precisely.

假貼:為保護線路及客戶需要,必須在導體上製作絕緣層,一般軟板使用絕緣層稱為「絕緣覆蓋膜(cover lay)」。此流程內容是將加工後覆蓋膜對準位置,預先貼附在需要覆蓋的線路區域。

[commericial adverrtising]
  • Item:: Pre-Laminator
  • Power consumption:: about 3KVA.
  • Compressed air:: 5KG/CM2.
  • Air consumption:: 14L/MIN.
  • Minimum Pressure:: 4KG/CM2.
  • Gross weight:: about 200KG.
  • Max. size of FPC:: 600mm(W)*500mm(L).
  • Gap between pin hole:: 5mm.
  • Cycle time:: 8 sec (not included pre-laminating time).
  • Angle of opening:: 70 degree.
  • Heater:: each pcs of 260W*220V heater on top and bottom plate individually.
  • Max. Temperature:: below 150 degree C.


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