Plating-through-hole (PTH) - 軟板(FPC)鍍通孔

After drilling between layers are not conducted until creating a conductive layer for single transformation. 

The functions of plating-through-hole processes are only for double-sided FPCBs.


[commericial adverrtising]
  • Item:: Twin Loading Auto Punch Machine (16ton)
  • Overall dimension:: 1200*1440*1800mm
  • Power consumption:: 11KVA
  • Minimum pressure:: 5KG/CM2
  • Air consumption:: 3L/MIN
  • Efficient area:: 250mm*205mm
  • Tooling size:: 310(W)*180mm(depth)
  • Stroke:: 140KGF/CM2(max)
  • Output:: 16ton
  • Normal setting pressure:: 90KGF/CM2~100KGF/CM2
  • Cylinder diameter:: 125mm


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