Dry film lamination - 軟板(FPC)貼膜

After plating-through-hole, dry film will be laminated on pretreated boards as etching resist.

Dry films are kinds of photosensitive film, so the operation have to be proceeded in a yellow light clean room for preventing side reaction. 

FPC mass production might use reel-to-reel mode.  This film laminating operation is different from sheet by sheet mode and need different laminator.

貼膜:鍍通孔後,以熱滾輪加壓貼合,在清潔完成的材料表面貼合一層乾膜(dry film)作為蝕刻阻劑。乾膜對光線中的紫外線敏感,因此必須在黃光室作業,避免乾膜在製作前就發生變化。軟性電路板在大量生產模式中,常會使用捲對捲生產方式,所以貼膜作業所使用的設備與一般單片操作設備略有不同。

[commericial adverrtising]
  • Item:: Dry Film Laminator with Clean System
  • Panel width:: 250~270mm
  • Panel length:: 180(min)~420mm(max)
  • Dry film:: 15um~40um
  • Diameter of base material:: 3" & 6" (with swivel sleeve)
  • Tempature range:: 23~120degree C


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