FPC CNC drilling - 軟板(FPC)機械鑽孔

Normal double sided and multi-layer flexible boards will follow the client’s inquiry to create layer connecting via.  

In FPCs manufacturing, they will make something like alignment hole, testing hole, component hole etc., and then go through the next procedure.


[commericial adverrtising]
  • Item:: CCD stiffener laminator
  • Overall dimension:: 1650*1850*2000mm
  • Power consumption:: 26KVA
  • Minimum pressure:: 5KG/CM2
  • Stiffener type:: PI, EMI film,...
  • Stiffener size:: 5mm*5mm~50mm*50mm
  • Stiffener thickness:: 1mil~10mil
  • Stiffener axis:: 2 asix
  • Stiffener adhesive:: thermal adhesive
  • Unwind/Rewind roll size:: 60mm*250mm(max)


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